Saturday, June 23, 2018

Just checking in, and some long time coming Long Arm quilting!

I'm back at it again, and only after a month of being absent. Well life gets going and before you know it, time has flown by. My good friend, ChristiANNA, lent me a book that has been changing my life! I have been decluttering my house and sewing room, with the help of my sister, many hands and all that. We have also tackled the bottom half of the garage. The rest of it belongs to my husband....

(my sister, ChrisTINA))

The part I had ordered for my TinLizzie  ended up being defective (!) but luckily I had the repair guy out and her replaced it. Lizzie has been whirling ever since! These are just a few of the quilts that have been completed since she has been fixed: 

Quilted, as my first, a top pieced by one of my students, Juanita.

My good friend, Stephanie, came by to play on Lizzie and quilted, with different designs in each panel, a baby quilt for her husband's secretary's granddaughter (I wish I had a finished picture).

Next, I was FINALLY able to quilt my own Fall Leaves Quilt, queen size. I just finished binding it last night and it has been folded up and put away until September, when it will make its debut as my Autumn bed spread. 

Steph has been a great help of playing with, and figuring out Lizzie. She helped me get started on my fall quilt and has even bought additional patterns to download and use. She had now quilted this Black and Whit quilt for her mom and this scrappy quilt for her mother-in-law.

The quilt I was working on yesterday was my Purple Pansy Geo Quilt. This baby has been sitting around for about a year as well. And wouldn't you know it. I ran out of backing!?!?! yes, yes, I did... Well it's since been fixed and I wont make that mistake again.

A couple of quilts I am working on this month are the Star Spangled BOM by Fort Worth Fabric Studio and this scrappy crayon quilt I had found on Pintrest a while back. (not my photos, mine are still in the works)

Additionally are these two quilt tops I hope to have done soon as I would like to teach them to my students in August and September.... I have yet to buy the fabric!


Lastly are these two scrappy, rainbow, stash buster quilts I would like to attack as well. Wish me luck!

~Rebeckah ~

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Hi all, it's been a few months since I last posted (and years before that). There have been some exciting and some sad things going on here. Exciting news: I am the proud owner of my very own TinLizzie LONGARM QUILTER!!!! I am so excited to get t up and running. Back in February the stitch regulator broke and I've had to order a replacement, which came last week!!

More news, one of my (4!) sisters just graduated with her BA in music and is moving in with my hubby and myself. We currently have a friend renting the other room in our 2 bedroom house, so my sister will be staying in the SEWING ROOM, out back. She is very excited to NOT share a living space with 4 cellphone obsessed young ladies. She will be traveling around the US this summer visiting our siblings in TX and MA, AND house/cat sitting for a friend in NJ. She moved all of her stuff in this week but the space was not ready for her (my bad?) so that is a project we need to tackle before she heads off on adventure.

Onward! I was able to participate in the annual Hands2Help charity quilt run this May, which is hosted and organized by Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. I'll admit, the last time I participated I made the quilts from scratch just for this event. This year I pulled tops to be quilting (on the longarm!) from my stash of half finished quilts. These are the quilts I chose which will be going to Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo. 

On that note we will move to the sad news. My loving grandmother was diagnosed with Leukemia back in September of 2016 and was told she would not make it to Christmas. Well she is a stubborn one and is still here! But, the treatments have stopped working and the only thing keeping her going is blood transfusions and will power. She is a GREAT lady. 

Photos taken May 19 2018, at my sisters baby shower, and Memorial day 2018.

Some of the quilt tops I have completed this year:


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Monday, March 12, 2018

Hello Is It Me You're Looking For?

Hi Everyone! My name is Rebeckah, and I love Quilting!... and sewing, knitting, crochet...etc... Please join me on my crafting adventures as I reembark on my blogging journey. It has been a long time since I've blogged (formerly at Handmade By Rebeckah). The last few years has had me crafting like no ones business. I teach quilting at out local Joann Fabric store and I just adore my students, they have become my friends.

Today is my birthday! We decided to celebrate early since we both work today. My hubby took me out on Friday for dinner and a movie, and we had a cake and ice cream last night. As I said before, I adore my students, so I have no problem teaching from 1pm-9pm tonight!

To start off my new blog and first post, I would like to have a giveaway! As my old followers make their way over to my new blog, and as I get new followers, I will be giving away a mystery package for every 10 followers I receive! I will stop at 100 followers, that is 10 chances to win a prize! the prize will include something handmade by me, and a crafty something (fabric, yarn, notions, etc.), at the very least.

To Enter:
Comment you are following me, tell me your favorite thing to craft, and what yu would like to see in future posts!

Coming Soon: Swaps! I need help picking themes, and items!